In a time of uncertainty Carefinderz was one thing that was not an unknown. Pam’s professionalism and attention to detail made the process extremely easy, effective, and efficient. We had never gone outside of our immediate family for childcare, but Pam’s process gave us the peace of mind allowed us to be open to other options and she more than delivered! Highly recommend!

(Josh L)

"Pam and her team helped us navigate the complicated process of finding a nanny (in a pandemic) with speed and sensitivity to our family’s needs.  The assistance in finding qualified candidates that met our expectations was exactly what we needed to expedite the process and get into a more stable childcare situation.  Thank you Carefinderz!"

(Brett D)

It was so nice to have Pam's help with our nanny search! There is so much work that goes into finding a great nanny, at a time when working moms have so many other things on their plate. Knowing that Pam was sending me the best candidates for us, so that all we had to do was do final interviews and make a decision was a huge relief.

(Kaylie S).

Pam was incredibly professional, responsive, thoughtful, and thorough during our time working with her.  We ended up finding a perfect nanny that fit in with our growing family, and she’s been with us for almost a year now!

(Carson H)