15 Questions to Ask an Elder Care Service Provider

Did you know that the number of people aged 65 years or more has increased by over 34% in the past 10 years? As the American population ages, it’s important to be able to give them all the elderly care they need. It’s never too late to start thinking about how you’ll take care of your parents. Are you wondering what you need to look out for? Keep reading to learn all about 15 questions to ask an elder care service provider.

1. What Do You Specialize In?

When it comes to elder home care services, it’s worth asking what they specialize in.

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s for instance, then you’ll want to make sure that your care provider has been trained to tend to patients with those special needs.

2. What Is Your General Care Plan?

The best eldercare is organized and thorough. A potential care provider should be able to let you know what general plans they have to take care of your loved one.

If they can’t give you a straight or specific answer, then they may not be diligent enough to give you the peace of mind you need.

3. How Do You Handle Stress?

Simply put, elderly care can be a challenging job. Chances are a care provider will encounter high-stress situations.

At such times, it’s important to know they can handle the stress in a positive and productive way.

4. Why Did You Choose This Job?

You can learn a lot about a person by asking them why they decided to go into the elderly care services industry.

Depending on their answer, you can find out if their heart and soul are into it or if they are only interested in getting a paycheck.

5. Where Did You Get Your Training?

After you search “elderly care near me”, you should ask a potential care provider where they’ve gotten their training.

Not all schools and classes are of the same quality, so you should double-check the reputation of each educational institution.

6. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Training is one thing, but it’s also crucial to have plenty of experience under one’s belt. This is the difference between theory and practice.

If they’ve been a care provider for several years, that’ll make a huge difference in their performance as a whole.

7. Are You a Skilled Cook?

Oftentimes care involves cooking for your loved ones. Not only should the food be delicious, but it should also be nutritious. After all, you don’t want your elders to be eating ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Plus, a skilled cook will be able to follow any dietary restrictions your loved ones may require. It might be best to try their cooking before you decide to hire them.

8. What Are Your Wage Expectations?

Money can sometimes be an awkward topic to talk about. However, if you’re on a budget, then you’ll need to get a clear idea of how much the elder services will cost you.

Don’t forget that the best services will usually cost the most. The old saying “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to this situation.

9. What Are Your Communication Procedures?

Not only is it important for a care provider to communicate with their charge, but it’s also crucial for them to keep family members and other relevant people informed.

Even if it’s just an update without huge news, you’ll be glad to hear that everything is going as well as possible.

10. How Well Do You Adapt to Situations?

Being prepared and organized is one thing, but being able to adapt to changing situations is its own skill.

To get a clearer idea of how adaptable a care provider is, you should ask them to give you at least one example of a situation they had to handle and the way in which they took care of it.

11. What Do You Do For Fun?

These kinds of questions can work as a great ice breaker. Plus, getting to know a potential care provider will make you more comfortable if you hire them.

If you don’t get a warm feeling from them, it’s best to look elsewhere. Of course, it’s not necessary for them to have great hobbies or interests, but that doesn’t mean they should be a cold person.

12. What References Can You Provide?

Any reputable care provider will be able to give you two or more references. References are a wonderful way to learn about what it would be like to hire a potential caretaker.

Just be sure that the references are recent. Anything older than 6 months could end up giving you outdated information.

13. What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

This classic interview question will allow you to see how self-aware a potential caretaker is.

If they can’t give you a clear or confident answer, then that could demonstrate that they haven’t thought much about how they could improve themselves.

14. Are You Able to Work Night Shifts?

There may be situations in which a caretaker will need to work a night shift. If so, it’s good to know whether or not a caretaker is willing and able to take on this responsibility.

In general, you should have an idea of their schedule availability.

15. Do You Have a Driver’s License?

An emergency may require a caretaker to drive to the hospital, the pharmacy, or elsewhere.

With this in mind, you should find out if they have a driver’s license and a reliable car.

Are You Ready to Get the Best Elder Care Service?

Now that you’ve learned all about 15 questions to ask an elder care service provider, you can ensure that your loved ones are in the best hands possible. That way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’ll be able to thrive.

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